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With the COVID 19 situation, Facility Management’s role has been placed in a spotlight. Once a concept, Business Continuity Plans for buildings and facilities, are now in place and put to the test. Our ability as FM practitioners to be resourceful and resilient in such crisis, has also being put to the test. But we know that through it all, we will emerge stronger.

Some of you may know, the Board planned to hold our coming AGM (includes election of new Board) on 21st May 2020. However, looking at the current situation, unlikely the COVID 19 situation will ease anytime soon. We have been advised by Registry of Societies, either to defer our AGM or for the AGM to be conducted through e-platform.

This is the first time that we are electing a board consisting of individuals and corporate members, since the constitution has been revised. The Board felt that it would be more equitable to hold a physical AGM so that aspiring members could present themselves and members get to know them before the voting. Notwithstanding this, in the event that the COVID 19 situation is expected to be prolonged i.e. 6 mths or longer, the Board may decide to proceed with the e-platform i.e. video conferencing and e-polling.


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